< < Jewelry Care > >

Jewelry, like most things in life, require maintenance and care.  To keep your Doozie looking as great as the day you got it, check out tips on these topics:

< Oxidation >

Every metal oxidizes over time.  Some metals (brass for example) oxidize at a faster rate than others.  Oxidation will be sped up by moisture - such as moisture from your skin, contact with water, or humid climates.  Whenever possible, avoid excessive moisture exposure with your jewelry, i.e showering, washing your hands, etc.  When you've noticed your jewelry isn't looking as bright as it should, it can be brought back to it's original glory using tarnish remover.  

Doozie recommends using Tarn-X.  Tarn-X can be found at most hardware stores.  Simply follow the directions on the bottle and poof!  Tarnish is gone in less than a minute.  As always, when cleaning your jewelry, NEVER use any chemicals or cleaner on gemstones.  An easy way to avoid contact with the stone is to carefully use a q tip around those areas.  If you prefer to use a more natural remedy, you can search "homemade jewelry cleaner" and find many easy, do it yourself recipes.  Usually a combination of white vinegar, baking soda, and an old toothbrush does the trick.  

< Druzy Care >

Druzies are unique stones.  They have an uneven crystal surface that make them unique and sparkly, however this also makes them more delicate.  When wearing druzy pieces, please be careful not to come in contact with anything that may be abrasive to the stone.  Also be sure to avoid any vigorous activities such as cleaning, gardening, exercising, etc. while wearing druzies. 

When cleaning jewelry that contains druzies, never use cleaner or any chemicals on the stone.  If your stone is looking a little dull, simply give it a swirl in some soapy (dish soap) water, rinse, and pat dry.  Do NOT scrub the stone as this can erode the coating of the druzy. 

< Gemstones >

Natural gemstones should never come in contact with any abrasives, chemicals or cleaners.  When cleaning metal surrounding a gemstone, always take the utmost care in avoiding contact with the stone.  Dish soap and water are all you need to remove a little gunk.  Swirl, rinse, pat dry.

If you ever have a question on how best to care for a piece of Doozie Jewelry, please don't hesitate to ask.  I'm happy to answer any questions :)